Vila Marina Divcibare | About Villa Marina Divcibare

About Villa “Marina”

Villa “Marina” began to work in 2009.

Wellcome to Villa Marina Divcibare

Villa “Marina” was built in October 2009. This is a private facility designed for the guests who want to experience true value of the healthy environment and healthy lifestyle. Due to the increased presence of iodine in the air, Divcibare is a very healthy air spa. Water and other natural resources are preserved. River “Crna reka” is a strictly protected nature reserve. With physical activity, skiing, walking etc., Divcibare will make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

New! New! New! At Villa “Marina” you may use vouchers of Ministry of Tourism in the amount of 5.000 RSD for your holiday in Serbia. Find more on homepage.

Favourable geographical position

  Divcibare is located on the mountain Maljen, with 980 meters of altitude. It lies 37km south-east from Valjevo. This geographical position provides the impact of the coastal climate, which mixes with the influence of Carpathian and Pannonian climate. This is why iodine is present in the air.


  Divcibare has, in average, 239 days without wind and 280 days with no precipitation a year. The climate is mild. In the winter there is a plenty of snow, while in the summer the average air temperature is below 22 degrees Celsius. This climate favours in the treatment of bronchitis, asthma, anaemia and neuro-vegetative disorders.

Villa "Marina" Divcibare

  Villa “Marina” Divcibare is located at 200 meters distance from the centre of Divcibare, between two ski tracks, in a quiet part of this “air spa”. Villa “Marina” Divcibare is a modern facility with fully equipped apartments and rooms.

Rooms and apartments

  Capacity of the apartment is 5 persons, while lux apartments are suitable for 6 persons. Every apartment has bedroom, bathroom, fully equipped kitchen and dining area, LCD TV, cable TV DVD, free Wi-Fi. Capacity of the room is 2-3 persons. Each room has bathroom and a queen bed, small fridge, TV, CATV, cutlery, kettle for tea and coffee. Some rooms have extra bed. All rooms have free Wi-Fi.

  • Free WiFi

    All rooms and apartments have free Wi-Fi.

  • Free parking

    Free parking for the guests.

  • Terrace for barbecue

    There is a large terrace and a barbecue grill for all guests of Villa „Marina“.

  • Children playground

    The youngest guests have plenty of space for play in the yard.

  • Air spa

    Air is healing.

  • Proximity of the ski tracks

    In the winter Divcibare abounds in snowfalls.